The Undesirables

Modern romance done wrong. A dating podcast from two guys who definitely shouldn't have a dating podcast.


2: Phone sex and bad decisions
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Season 2 Episode 2 Trailer
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1: What brings you in?
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Season 1 Trailer
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13: The opposite of peaked
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12: Lucy Sweetkill
Show Details1hr 21min
11: You get away with words
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10: You Up?
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9: The only item on my to-do list was "kill self"
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8: One of us is gonna have to agree to kill ourselves
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7: Generalizations about women
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6: The heat death of the universe
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5: Listen man, give it to me harder
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4: You don't know what debauchery I get into
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3: Uncomfortable places, uncomfortable spaces
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2: Having sex with a real human being for a change
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1: Oh god, what are we doing?
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